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Copley Hospital Laboratory is a service department using measurable data as a specific product, which is then used by a physician for diagnostic and treatment decisions.
It is our goal objective to disseminate this information in the shortest time feasible. This information should be up to date in terms of offering the most useful and reliable diagnostic procedures and ensuring optimal accuracy and precision for patients and their physicians.
This can be accomplished through readily available equipment that provides technology or automation to improve rate of processing for the final disposition of results.
"Mission Statement"

Copley Hospital is a not for profit health care provider whose purpose is to improve the health status of the people of the community, to provide the highest quality of care for the sick or injured regardless of ability to pay.
In addition to servicing Copley Hospital, the laboratory also provides laboratory services to referring hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, veterinarians, and outreach clinics.
We believe the first assurance of quality is a qualified staff. Copley hospital laboratory is staffed by a board certified pathologist, medical technologists and medical laboratory technicians. The lab consistently meets the highest standards of laboratory practice and is inspected routinely.
The laboratory operates under accreditation of the following agencies
CAP 11831-01
CLIA ID# 47D0091656